Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Photo Album

Now we're back, and reality has set back in, here is an album with a select few photos taken during our time aboard the Independence of the Seas.

I think I speak for everyone when I say what a wonderful time we had. It was an experience I won't forget.

When's the next one?

Enjoy the photos

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Last Ashore Day

This morning we arrived in Vigo, on the northwest coast of Spain. Interestingly, Spain is one hour ahead of the UK, but we've already changed our clocks (because Portugal shares the same timezone as the UK). Therefore, we were encouraged to remain on ship time whilst here, to avoid any confusion. Talk about docking in the centre of town!! Literally leave the dock, and the shops are there!! We walked around for a while, whilst there was some cloud cover, and this afternoon, we reboarded.
This is our final stop.
Tomorrow is a 'sea' day, before arriving in Southampton early Saturday.
I have admit to not looking forward to this leg of the journey, as last night was extremely rocky, and I suspect the Bay of Biscay will be even less forgiving!!
The suitcases have already been brought out of hiding, and things have been packed away.
I hope you've enjoyed reading about our adventures as virgin cruisers.
When we get home, I'll do one final update so pop back soon.


Yesterday morning we glided under the bridge to dock in Lisbon. At 10am we disembarked and found taxis to take us to the Placa de Comercio. The decision to take a bus tour was abandoned due to the length of the queue.
Instead, we took the Elevator Santa Justa to view the city from above.
We then took taxis to Belem, to see the Monastery of Jeronimo; a very impressive place.
A taxi ride later and we arrived back at Alcantra Mar, and re-boarded the ship.
After a brief rest, it was time to get ready for dinner and entertainment.
Have you noticed the theme that ran generally throughout our holiday? Eat and be entertained.
Tonight it was a Beatles tribute band, and later on was adults only with Graham Seymour - the Cruise Director. He's been very funny and tonight he took his opportunity to shine!! Very rude. Very funny.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Ola! Our day at sea was pretty uneventful, unless you count my entry in the belly-flop competition!! It stung a little, but at least I should be on the official DVD of the cruise!!
We are now in Malaga and set sail at 3pm on course for Lisbon.
We decided not to disembark today and take advantage of a quiet morning by the pool.
Last night the headline entertainment was provided by Zoe Tyler (from Loose Women). By all accounts, it was a good show, but Jamie only made it past the first song before he got bored, and I took him to bed.
Tonight it's the turn of the house performers, with a circus theme. Hope it will be good.
Not much else to report. More soon. The picture today is of one of the towel animals that are made by the stateroom attendants.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Cannes and Barcelona

The home of the premiere film festival is a special place, with the sun glinting off the sea, the posh people and fancy shops.
We stayed Cannes, and took a road train tour around the sights and 'old parts' of this famous area of the Riviera.
Farrel, Jane, David and boys all went to Monaco for the day.
A rich persons paradise, with the casino, palace and parts of the famous grand prix circuit experienced by all. Not to mention all the top car marques, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.
It was a long day, and no-one could be bothered to get dressed for dinner in the dining room, so it was buffet, buffet in the Windjammer.
On Sunday morning we stepped out in Barcelona. A city filled with culture.
We took the official tour bus, which went all around the port area, to the home of Gaudi and across to the home of FC Barcelona. We completed our tour wandering down La Rambla, absorbing the sights and sounds along the way.
Farrel, Jane, Ben and Zach did it slightly differently and discovered the shul in the Gothic area of the city. No longer in general use (just Bar-Mitzvahs and weddings) it is has only recently been discovered following the repeal of the law that banned Jews from Spain.
Dinner in the dining room was followed by family karaoke, in which Jamie was the star of the show, when he ended with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Andrea to Ethan and Theo to the midnight buffet, at which ice sculptures were on display.
We leave Barcelona at 1am, for a day at sea (for which read "lazing around the pool"!)

Friday, 21 August 2009


Day 7. After a day at sea yesterday, we arrived in Livorno at about 7am. The Igielmans, Blumenows and Coskys (well, 2 of them) departed the ship at 8.20 to go on a pre-arranged tour to Pisa and Florence.
The coach took them first to see Pisa with its leaning tower, followed by a coach journey to Florence, with the Duomo, Uffizi Palace and Ponte Vecchio.
It has been a very hot day, and not easy to schlepp from place to place.
Back on board the ship, Katy remained in club, and Julian stayed with Theo and Jamie, with most of the afternoon by the pool.
By early evening, everyone had returned and showered, ready for dinner and entertainment; this evening provided by Pete Matthews, a comedy juggler.
It has to be said that, on the whole, the entertainment has been first class.
Next stop is Cannes, on the South of France.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

All At Sea

Today was a 'sea' day. We awoke about 40 miles off the coast of Africa and headed to Deck 11 to bag a sun lounger or 5!! It was very breezy, which belied the strength of the sun. Suntan lotion was being applied most liberally.
Following lunch, Ben, Zach, Ethan and Theo did the wall-climbing, and then everyone did their own thing before dinner.
It was formal night tonight, and everyone was looking very smart.
More entertainment followed with a song and dance show, before a drink or two in a bar.
Tomorrow - Sardinia.